Gennadiy Yu. Leshchov. The railway accident investigation concept

UDK: 628.5:656.2(075.8)

Gennadiy Yu. Leshchov - candidate of Economic Sciences, the Public Council expert of Rostransnadzor (The Federal Authority for Transport Oversight)

Abstract. The problem to establish an effective, public transport security management system has deep roots and a wide range of social institutions involved in solving this issue. The system should be based on legal and regulatory instruments that allow comprehensively and completely investigate accidents and disasters, identify cause-effect relationships of actions or inaction of officials. In the process of study, the results of which are presented in this paper, the author thinks that the special importance of transport for the country's economy, national security and state sovereignty, and the vulnerability of transport system, susceptibility to its numerous and diverse threats determine and substantiate legal and organizational enforcement of transport security. The article presents the results of the system-legal and practical analysis of transport security legislation. The analysis allowed identifying contradictions and gaps in the norms of legislation that regulates the investigating procedure for traffic accidents in all transport modes being important for enforcement of transport security. There have been formulated and substantiated the conclusions about the necessity to improve the regulatory and legal framework for the investigation of traffic accidents, which should be based on the development of common methodological approaches to the development of a conceptual apparatus to harmonize and bring legal instruments in accordance with modern transport security needs. There has been proposed a new model for the initial scene investigation and the assessment of the damage caused by a traffic accident on the railway transport.

Keywords: prevention of traffic accidents; traffic safety; assessment of damage; transport legislation.


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