№4(44) (4th quarter of 2022)

Issue №4(44) (4th quarter of 2022)

#International transport law

1 The Arctic Council and the Arctic Five: status, trends, and challenges
2 Limitation of the international maritime carrier’s liability for cargo non-safety

#Theory and methodology of transport law

3 Transport law research methodology
4 Legal problems of innovative development of the transport industry

#Criminal and legal measures of fight against transport crimes

5 Status and trends of juvenile delinquency in transport
6 Status and trends of recidivism development in transport
7 The role of the linear internal affairs agencies (police) in enforcing security at the transport infrastructure facilities of the Russian Federation
8 Certain aspects of improving anti-terrorist security at transport infrastructure facilities

#Administrative and legal regulation of transport relations

9 The study of legislative and institutional barriers to the development of life cycle contracts in the road sector
10 Legal, theoretical and methodological basis for the application of a risk-based approach to the state transport control (supervision)
11 Investigation of water transport accidents: history and modernity

#Information and legal enforcement of transport activity and security

12 The use of artificial intelligence in countering terrorism and optimization of transport security requirements for road facilities
13 Legal basis for the use of technical means and information technologies in order to ensure public safety at railway transport
14 Transport and logistics industry: main challenges and trends of digital development

#Maritime Law

15 Probative force of a Bill of Lading: possible ways to improve legislation
16 Modern concerns of legal regulation of preventing pollution from ships
17 Cyber problems in water transport concerning the efforts of the main players in the maritime industry and classification societies on the example of the Russian Maritime Shipping Register

Journal Transport law and security, Issue 44

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