Sergey F. Legusha. Cyber problems in water transport concerning the efforts of the main players in the maritime industry and classification societies on the example of the Russian Maritime Shipping Register

UDK: 004.75:681.5:656.62(571.1.6)

Sergey F. Legusha - Association of International Maritime Law

Abstract. The amount of data in the modern world is constantly growing. Over the past ten years the amount of stored information has increased by more than 50 times. The value of information and the ability to manage it and its holders, which previously played a key role in business, industry, and other areas, has increased many times, especially considering the rapid development of information technology. Cybersecurity, being one of the branches of information security, includes, among other things, the protection of data of companies and organizations in any industry including a maritime industry. Leaks of information and its unpredictable change, loss of business process control because of external and internal cyber-attacks bring companies both direct financial losses and deferred ones, threatening reputational losses, unpredictable malfunctions, loss of confidential information and other assets of fundamental importance. The current paper has presented the discussion of the issues of strengthening cybersecurity in the shipping industry and the contribution of the main market players to their development.

Keywords: International Maritime Organization; International Association of Classification Societies; classification societies; cybersecurity.


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