Aleksey M. Zaikov. Modern concerns of legal regulation of preventing pollution from ships

UDK: 347.79:629.12.03

Aleksey M. Zaikov - Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Atomflot”

Abstract. The current paper has presented a chronological review of the development of the system of international legal regulation of the prevention of marine pollution from ships. The problems in this area historically arose and aggravated in different periods of the shipping development. There have been identified the key aspects of the Russian legal regulation of preventing pollution from ships, highlighted the urgent problems of preventing pollution of various natural environments from ships, and outlined the ways to solve them in the future, including within the framework of international rule-making cooperation.

Keywords: shipping; pollution; emissions of pollutants.


  1. Minin, N. Ye. Strakhovaniye kak instrument vozmeshcheniya vreda v svyazi s zagryazneniyem s sudov v Rossiyskoy Federatsii [Insurance as a tool for compensation for damage due to pollution from ships in the Russian Federation] / N. Ye. Minin // Sovremennyye vyzovy v pravovom regulirovanii predotvrashcheniya zagryazneniya s sudov. — Moskva : Rossiyskiy universitet transporta, 2020.

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