Sergey An. Gandzioshin. Probative force of a Bill of Lading: possible ways to improve legislation

UDK: 347.795

Sergey An. Gandzioshin - Department of State Policy in the Field of Maritime and Inland Water Transport of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation

Abstract. Cargo shipping is the most important component of world trade. Proper processing of cargo shipping documents allows ensuring the prompt and safe implementation of cargo turnover, reduce the risks of imposing penalties and litigation between carriers, shippers, and consignees. Bill of Lading has been used in maritime trade for more than one century, but due to the change in many forms of interaction between the subjects of international trade, the introduction of modern technologies in the document management process, there is a need for further development and improvement of the rules for processing and using this document. The current paper has presented the discussion of possible promising areas for improving the use of a Bill of Lading.

Keywords: Bill of Lading; Hamburg Rules; Rotterdam Rules; multimodal transportation; electronic Bill of Lading; International Law; Maritime Law.


  1. Zhdanova, V. Konosament ne nuzhen? [Do you need a Bill of Lading?] / V. Zhdanova // Morskiye vesti. ― 2020. ― № 11.

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