Maksim V. Lavrukhin. The use of artificial intelligence in countering terrorism and optimization of transport security requirements for road facilities

UDK: 323.28

Maksim V. Lavrukhin - JSC “Arktikmorneftegazrazvedka”

Abstract. Artificial intelligence is able and already having an impact on our society, from healthcare, agriculture and industry to financial services and education. But these technologies are not without risk, and some of them cause anxiety and even fear. They can be used for malicious purposes or have unintended negative consequences. Artificial intelligence embodies this duality, perhaps more than any other emerging technology today. While it can improve many sectors, it can also hinder the implementation of human rights and fundamental freedoms, in particular the rights to privacy, freedom of thought and expression. Thus, any use of AI-based technologies must always be accompanied by measures to prevent potential violations of human rights. The current paper has considered the urgent issues of introducing artificial intelligence to counter terrorism in transport and the great potential for their solution.

Keywords: artificial intelligence; terrorist threats; terrorist act; countering terrorism.


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