Stanislav V. Bazhanov, Andrey Ar. Malakhov. The role of the linear internal affairs agencies (police) in enforcing security at the transport infrastructure facilities of the Russian Federation

UDK: 351.749

Stanislav V. Bazhanov - Doctor of Law, professor

Andrey Ar. Malakhov - The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA)

Abstract. The current paper deals with certain issues related to the peculiarities of the legal status of linear departments, departments, and points of internal agencies (police), equally interpreted by the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation as bodies of inquiry, which, according to the authors, causes rejection. There have been analyzed in detail the norms of federal legislation, as well as other (by-law) normative legal acts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, which regulate the procedure for detecting and investigating crimes committed mainly at railway stations by investigators of the linear internal affairs agencies (police).

Keywords: linear agency; transport security; transport infrastructure (system); subdivisions (organizations) of inquiry.


  1. Bazhanov, S. V. Politseyskoye doznaniye v ugolovnom protsesse Rossiyskoy Federatsii: monografiya [Police inquiry in the criminal process of the Russian Federation] / S. V. Bazhanov. ― Moskva : Izdatel'skaya gruppa «Nauka», MII, 2014.

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