Petr N. Kotkin, Artem An. Zadorozhny. Certain aspects of improving anti-terrorist security at transport infrastructure facilities

UDK: 343.341.1/342.3:656

Petr N. Kotkin - Candidate of Law, professor, Institute of International Trade and Law

Artem An. Zadorozhny - Lomonosov Moscow State University

Abstract. The current paper has discussed certain aspects of the use of technical and forensic tools in relation to transport infrastructure facilities, analyzed the practice of purchasing such tools, including with the aim of improving anti-terrorist security of transport infrastructure facilities. In addition, there have been proposed specific changes to the current legislation and refinement of the technical and forensic tool (patented by the authors) to improve anti-terrorist protection of such objects. The authors believe that the proposals are more relevant than ever taking into account the recent sabotage and terrorist attacks on transport infrastructure facilities.

Keywords: anti-terrorist protection; emergencies; radio-controlled explosive devices; technical and forensic tools; countering terrorism.


  1. Kotkin, P. N. Rassledovaniye chrezvychaynykh proisshestviy, svyazannykh so vzryvami, pozharami i vyvedeniyem iz stroya transportnykh sredstv : monografiya [Investigation of emergency incidents associated with explosions, fires and incapacitation of vehicles] / P. N. Kotkin. ― Moskva : Akademiya prava i upravleniya MVD Rossii, 2004.

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