Andrey G. Bebenov. The Arctic Council and the Arctic Five: status, trends, and challenges

UDK: 332.1/98

Andrey G. Bebenov - Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Atomflot”

Abstract. Currently, the issue of our environment and climate safety and preservation has become acute both at the national and international levels. The growing technogenic impact on flora and fauna gives rise to the need for international regulation of relations in the sphere of the use of natural resources. The growing international interest in the Arctic region results in an increase in the study of the problem of determining the legal status of the Arctic. Established in 1996, the Arctic Council deals with solving the problems in the field of determining the legal status of the Arctic and its protection. Within the framework of the current paper, there have been considered the features of the functioning of the Arctic Council, its goals, objectives, and activities. In addition, there has been analyzed the legal basis of international cooperation in the field of Arctic relations. There has been presented not only an estimation of his activities, but also identified the main problems of his functioning in modern society. Identification of the problems makes it possible to establish the most promising and necessary ways of developing international relations, as well as domestic legislation. In addition, there have been considered the features of the activities of the Arctic Five in the field of maintaining international cooperation. There has been identified the peculiarity of the interaction of the countries included in the Arctic Five and given an estimation of their joint work.

Keywords: Arctic Council; Arctic Five; international law; international relationships; Arctic; global warming; international cooperation.


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