№2(30) (2nd quarter of 2019)

Issue №2(30) (2nd quarter of 2019)

#Criminal and legal measures of fight against transport crimes

1 Evidence formation in a traffic crime investigation
2 On the forensic handwriting analysis of electrophotographic copies of documents in the investigation of transport crimes
3 Air transport safety in modern conditions of an unmanned aerial vehicle development: problems and solutions
4 Transport expertise as evidence in court
5 Traffic accidents and transport crimes: their reasons and the problems of dealing with them

#Civil and legal aspects of transport law and security

6 Features of legal regulation of dangerous goods transportation by sea
7 On the use of option contracts in the activities of transport security subunits

#Land and legal and environmental transport relations

8 Environmental security and transport

#Administrative and legal regulation of transport relations

9 On the novelties in licensing of business activities for the road transportation of passengers and baggage

#Information and legal enforcement of transport activity and security

10 Transport information infrastructure as an object for computer attacks
11 Main concepts and legal regulation of advertising on vehicles (and with their use) in Russia

#International transport law

12 Chinese megaproject ‘One Belt One Road (OBOR)’: prospects for the international transport infrastructure development and the world economy revitalization

#Transport economy

13 The problem of financial and legal regulation of transport service digitalization
14 Legal management mechanism of transport sector investments adjusted for the use of individual models of public-private partnership
15 Features of organization and legal regulation of the accounting at transport enterprises

#History of transport law

16 Development of transport routes and legislation under the reign of Catherine II
17 Special railway transport for transportation of offenders in Russia in the 1950―1980s

Journal Transport law and security, Issue 30

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