Lyudmila M. Gruzdeva. Transport information infrastructure as an object for computer attacks

UDK: 656(075.8):681

Lyudmila M. Gruzdeva - Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor of the department of informational technologies in jurisprudence, Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport, professor of the Russian Academy of Natural History (RANH)

Abstract. In accordance with the current legislation, transport information systems are the objects of the critical information infrastructure of the Russian Federation. At present, there is paid an increased attention to ensuring the functioning of the state system of detection, prevention and elimination of the consequences of computer attacks on information resources of the Russian Federation. The paper presents the statistics of the current computer attacks, the objects of which are various sectoral information infrastructures. Transport information systems of Russia and of the world were attacked by cybercriminals using malicious software combined with social engineering and exploitation of web-based vulnerabilities. One of the urgent tasks facing the specialists of information protection services in transport is to prevent information leaks caused by internal intruders who use open data transmission channels.

Keywords: information system; transport information infrastructure; Information Security; computer attack; an intruder.


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