Sergey M. Kolotushkin. Air transport safety in modern conditions of an unmanned aerial vehicle development: problems and solutions

UDK: 656.7

Sergey M. Kolotushkin - Doctor of Law, professor, main researcher of the Research Institute of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia, kolotushkinsm@mail.ru

Abstract. The paper deals with the current problems of ensuring aviation safety in an unauthorized use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) near airports. The incidents at the Gatwick and Heathrow airports in London, when in December 2018 the aviation flights were two-day suspended due to the UAVs flights, showed the seriousness of the problem. The legal, organizational and technical solutions proposed by different countries do not unfortunately solve the existing and future problems. The author has proposed a technical solution to counter unauthorized flights of UAVs near airports. The "Trevoga – Tschit" ("Alarm-Shield") complex detects a UAV flight control radio link and makes two modes of jamming: "barrage" and "seizure". In the barrage mode, at the border of the airport, the radio-suppression system of the UAV control system is activated, and the UAV returns to the operator via the satellite navigation channel. When trying to break into the airport, the satellite navigation suppression channel is switched on and it makes the UAV to land immediately. For a daily control, the complex includes a UAV simulator that generates its control signals. The tune-up of this complex on a detection range and radio jamming depends on the size and configuration of the airport.

Keywords: flight safety; airports; unmanned aerial vehicles; counteraction.


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