Mikhail V. Bobovkin, Vitaliy An. Ruchkin. On the forensic handwriting analysis of electrophotographic copies of documents in the investigation of transport crimes

UDK: 343.98

Mikhail V. Bobovkin - Doctor of Law, professor, professor of the department of criminal law, criminal procedure and criminalistics, Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport

Vitaliy An. Ruchkin - Doctor of Law, professor, professor of the department of the forensic activities of the educational and scientific complex of forensic examination, Volgograd Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, honored scientist of the Russian Federation

Abstract. At present, law enforcement agencies are increasingly using the potential of forensic handwriting analysis in the investigation of transport crimes. This tendency can be seen in the spheres of economy and property, as well as in the fight against corruption, inappropriate use of budget finance, power abuse and negligence. In addition, the solution of the problems of forensic handwriting diagnostics is widely used in procedural and non-procedural forms to find offenders in transport crimes. There are usually compiled search tables with the data on a personality of a manuscript (gender, age, occupation, education, psycho-physiological state, etc.), being of a great significance for finding. The main purpose of their use is to narrow a circle of suspects to identify a person on the basis of handwriting characteristics. The paper considers the urgent issues of using the potential of handwriting analysis to investigate transport crimes. The authors have determined the current state and tendencies for further development of forensic handwriting analysis, the system of forensic handwriting characteristics, which are of great importance to solve the problems of forensic handwriting analysis in procedural and non-procedural forms.

Keywords: forensic handwriting analysis; forensic handwriting diagnostics; investigation of transport crimes.


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