Ekaterina Iv. Kobzeva. The problem of financial and legal regulation of transport service digitalization

UDK: 347.73:656

Ekaterina Iv. Kobzeva - Candidate of Law, associate professor of the department of theory of law and natural resource law, Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport

Abstract. Rapid development of modern technologies based on the use of a distributed registry and other informational innovations has led to the development of a fundamentally different system of economic relations, called "digital". One of the key medium-term activities of the Russian Federation is a digital economy development. At present, digitalization is a major factor in the transport infrastructure and transport service development. The issue of transport sector modernization is of a key importance in many foreign strategies to develop the digital economy. To improve digital economy, there is a great need in uniform legal provisions, and at the same time, this set of laws should not hinder the spread of innovations and progress in digital economy. The article deals with issues related to transport service changes during the transitional period to a digital economy. In order to preserve and expand market positions, many countries are trying to digitalize national economies, which causes problems in legal regulation, namely the lack of uniform legal provisions, a unified approach to financial and legal regulation in the field of digital transport services. The author has concluded that one of the key problems is that technologies are developing rapidly, and the legislation is in danger of falling behind.

Keywords: digital economy; transport industry; legal regulation; transportation services; modern technologies.


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