№3(43) (3rd quarter of 2022)

Issue №3(43) (3rd quarter of 2022)

#International transport law

1 The features of transport security. Legal conflicts at the safety zones around artificial islands, installations, and structures
2 National interests of the Russian Federation in enforcing security in the Arctic region
3 Theoretical and legal foundations for enforcing environmental security in the international transport activities and in the interaction between the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union

#Civil and legal aspects of transport law and security

4 The rule of a navigation error

#Criminal and legal measures of fight against transport crimes

5 Review of scientific research devoted to the disclosure and investigation of crimes related to the provision of services for the transportation of passengers by water and air transport that do not meet the requirements for the safety of their life and health (Article 238 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation)
6 The gaps in informing the subjects of prevention of illicit arms trafficking as a criminogenic factor of transport security enforcement

#Administrative and legal regulation of transport relations

7 Some issues of improving the legal regulation of the opening and closing procedure for railway crossings
8 State registration of vehicles in Russia: history and present time
9 Aviation security in the structure of transport security: administrative and legal aspect
10 Features of the placement of transport infrastructure facilities on the urban locality lands

#Legal framework of national security

11 Strengthening the role of transport security in the national security system

#Theory and methodology of transport law

12 The concept of accidents in water transport

#Foreign experience of transport legal regulation

13 Problems and features of commercial concession and franchising agreements in order to provide transport logistics services at the international level

#History of transport law

14 Transport education regulators in early 1941. Evaluation of the work experience of Georgy Konstantinovich Evgrafov, professor of MIIT


15 Law enforcement in transport as an academic discipline

Journal Transport law and security, Issue 43

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