Olga Al. Khotko. Theoretical and legal foundations for enforcing environmental security in the international transport activities and in the interaction between the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union

UDK: 346:656.08

Olga Al. Khotko - Candidate of Law, associate professor, Belarusian State University

Abstract. The current paper is a presentation of the content of the report, read by the author at the II International Scientific and Practical Conference “Environmental Security and Transport: Problems of Law”, held on June 3, 2022 at the discussion platform of the Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport (MIIT). The author has carried out an analysis of national and international legislation, the law of the EAEU to determine the most important areas for improving the ways of interaction between states to attract attention to the environmental and economic issues. This situation is due to the consolidation of the sustainable development goals formed in the Resolution of the UN General Assembly “Transforming our world: Agenda for sustainable development for the period up to 2030”. Based on the results of the current study, there have been formulated theoretical conclusions that contribute to the development of applied aspects of the implementation of measures to ensure environmental security in connection with the transport activities.

Keywords: transport activity; environmental protection; environmental security; law of the Eurasian Economic Union.


  1. Shingel', N. A. Teoretiko-pravovyye problemy integratsii gosudarstv-uchastnikov Yevraziyskogo ekonomicheskogo soyuza v prirodoresursnoy sfere [Theoretical and legal problems of integration of the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union in the natural resource sphere] / N. A. Shingel' // Postsovetskaya integratsiya: itogi i perspektivy : tez. dokl. resp. kruglogo stola (Minsk, 6 dek. 2019 g.) / otvetstvennyy redaktor V. I. Rodevich [i dr.]. — Minsk : Akademiya MVD, 2019.

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