Maxim V. Lavrukhin. Strengthening the role of transport security in the national security system

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Maxim V. Lavrukhin - Joint Stock Company “Arktikmorneftegazrazvedka”

Abstract. In the current geopolitical conditions, enforcement of the national security of the Russian Federation is a priority issue. A lot of efforts are being made to implement it. After the start of a special military operation in Ukraine, transport security enforcement has become an important issue, since it is most convenient to make a terrorist act in order to intimidate the population, escalate panic, and activate the anti-war movement in transport. Currently, special services employees properly provide the necessary security. In order to enforce transport security in the south of Russia, there was canceled a communication at a number of large airports that are located near Ukrainian borders. In the current paper, the author has tried to scientifically analyze and critically comprehend transport security as an element of Russia’s national security.

Keywords: terrorism; national security; transport security; public institutions.


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