Sergey Al. Semenov. The features of transport security. Legal conflicts at the safety zones around artificial islands, installations, and structures

UDK: 342.951:351.82

Sergey Al. Semenov - FASRT Russian Maritime Security Service

Abstract. The establishment of safety zones around artificial islands, installations, and structures operated and used in the exclusive economic zone and on the continental shelf of the Russian Federation is one of the elements of their security. It is provided for by both maritime law and transport security legislation. However, there are conflicts between their norms, which are not resolved in favor of special norms yet. As a result, the Government of the Russian Federation has not identified artificial islands, installations and structures located on the continental shelf of the Russian Federation, which are transport infrastructure objects, around which safety zones are established. As a result, transport infrastructure entities have no legal grounds for implementing the measures provided for by transport security legislation in safety zones. There is uncertainty in the competence of the FSC of Russia, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, which negatively affects the planning and implementation of measures to enforce security of installations and structures. According to the conducted analysis, there has been concluded that any violations of the boundaries of safety zones and the security measures by unauthorized vessels, floating craft or persons do not entail criminal or administrative liability envisaged by the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation or the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation for violation of transport security requirements. The current paper has proposed solutions to the identified collisions.

Keywords: artificial islands; installations and structures; exclusive economic zone; continental shelf; safety zone; transport security.


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