Nikolay Al. Dukhno. Vladimir Nikolayevich Obraztsov’s contribution into the development of technical education in Russia

UDK: 378:656

Nikolay Al. Dukhno - Doctor of Law, professor, Russian University of Transport

Abstract. In the current paper there has been considered the scientific heritage left by V. N. Obraztsov, which resulted in evaluation of the scientific works of a prominent transport scientist who constantly took care of the development of the Moscow Institute of Railway Engineers, known today as the Russian University of Transport. The scientist understood the essence of education in a transport university, the importance of science in the training of railway engineers and strove to the filling the educational process with new knowledge, closely related to theory and transport practice. The separation of science and educational process destroyed education, turning it into an empty formality, where there was no new knowledge, no new skills that were urgently needed for the development of transport. The paper has considered the experience of teaching students, built on the ideas of the transport education development, aimed at training railway engineers. There has been drawn attention to the measures taken by the scientist to develop postgraduate studies in the transport university. The purpose of the current study was to understand V. N. Obraztsov methodology in the transport education, to present proposals for improving the training of transport specialists.

Keywords: Vladimir Nikolaevich Obraztsov; railway engineer; professional knowledge.


  1. Obraztsov, V. N. Opyt reorganizatsii uchebnoy postanovki v Moskovskom institute inzhenerov putey soobshcheniya : Opyt novogo metoda prepodavaniya v Mosk. gornoy akad. [The experience of reorganizing the educational setting at the Moscow Institute of Railway Engineers: Experience of a new teaching method in Moscow] / V. N. Obraztsov. — Moskva, 1924.
  2. Obraztsov, V. N. 12 ekskursiy na zheleznuyu dorogu : posobiye dlya provedeniya ekskursiy s uchashchimisya [12 excursions to the railway: a guide for excursions with students] / V. N. Obraztsov. — Moskva, 1925.

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