Galina V. Vypkhanova. Urgent implementation trends and problems of strategic planning documents in the field of environmental development

UDK: 574(075.8)

Galina V. Vypkhanova - Doctor of Law, professor, Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL)

The current paper has been prepared as part of the Strategic Academic Leadership Program “Priority-2030” and with the information support of the SPS ConsultantPlus.

Abstract. In the conditions of the modern civilizational crisis, the role of strategic planning is increasing to ensure environmental, climatic, biological, and other types of national security, environmental protection, and rational nature management. There has been given an assessment of strategic planning documents in the environmental sphere, considered the priority strategy areas as an integral part of the scientific trend of environmental law, the most important basis for state environmental policy and management. As a methodological basis for the development and implementation of environmental strategic planning documents, it is necessary to single out the principle of ecosystems (ecosystem approach), as well as the concept of sustainable development. Their application will contribute to solving the problems of strategic planning, including consistency, correlation between targets, tasks, indicators of strategies programs in the environmental sphere and strategy documents in other areas and trends. There have been given the proposals for adapting strategic planning in the environmental sphere and related areas to external and internal challenges and threats, and for increasing its effectiveness.

Keywords: strategic planning; environmental security; environment; rational use of natural resources; climate agenda; ecosystem approach; sustainable development.


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