№2(46) (2nd quarter of 2023)

Issue №2(46) (2nd quarter of 2023)

#Administrative and legal regulation of transport relations

1 Anti-terrorist protection of railway transport: classification of measures of administrative coercion
2 Legal regulation of the operation of highly automated vehicles in the Russian Federation: problems and prospects

#Criminal and legal measures of fight against transport crimes

3 The initiation of criminal cases and the performance of urgent investigative actions by the captains of sea and river vessels on a long navigation
4 Countering sabotage activities at transport infrastructure facilities as an integral part of transport security enforcement
5 Crimes committed using a wheeled highly automated vehicle as a threat to transport security

#Information and legal enforcement of transport activity and security

6 Information communication risks of digital development

#International transport law

7 Modern international legal regime of the Arctic
8 Problems of defining the concept and essence of customs procedures
9 Substantiation of the imperative conditions of Russian-Swedish cooperation on the search and lifting of the submarine “Som”

#Maritime Law

10 International maritime labor law: formation. Prerequisites for “master's power” of the captain

#Theory and methodology of transport law

11 Transport law and its scientific basis

Journal Transport law and security, Issue 46

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