Andrey G. Bebenov. Modern international legal regime of the Arctic

UDK: 332.1/98

Andrey G. Bebenov - Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Atomflot”

Abstract. The current paper has presented the study of the international legal regime of the Arctic. There has been noted that at the present stage of development there are five Arctic states that have certain rights in relation to this territory, but the current legal framework does not allow speaking about the certainty of its international legal status. Thus, there has been drawn a special attention to the fact that today there is no international treaty that would define the international legal regime of the Arctic. In this regard, there has been concluded that this situation gives rise to various problems and contradictions associated with the definition of territories belonging to a particular country. There has been given a positive experience of Antarctica since its legal regime is currently properly regulated. In addition, the paper has suggested directions for improving the legislation of the Russian Federation in terms of establishing the legal regime of the Arctic, since it is hardly possible to call the legal norms in this area perfect. As a result of the study, there has been concluded that the systematic improvement of the legislative framework and the contribution to the fulfilling of this activity of all Arctic and other states is an objective necessity.

Keywords: Arctic; legal regime; international norms; ocean; territory; contract.


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