Evgeniy Al. Nesterov, Viktor Ya. Tsvetkov. Information communication risks of digital development

UDK: 658.7:004

Evgeniy Al. Nesterov - Candidate of Law, Russian University of Transport (MIIT)

Viktor Ya. Tsvetkov - Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, Russian University of Transport (MIIT)

Abstract. Reliable communication exchange is the basis for the functioning and development of the transport sector. Many transport systems are exposed to risks in the course of their operation and therefore need a risk taxonomy. The taxonomy of communication risks makes it possible to reduce them and improve security systems. Digital development, digital transformation of society and the digital economy, along with the benefits, create conditions for the emergence of new digital risks. Risks exist objectively and are created by men. The main reason for human risk lies in the information uncertainty that exists in decision making. The study of the taxonomy of risks allows forming measures to reduce risks and prevent risk conditions. The current paper has presented an analysis of risks in the field of information communications that take place in the transport industry. Digitalization reduces a number of risks. But at the same time, it creates additional risks, which increases the threat to information security.

Keywords: transport; communications; risks; digital risks, digital development.


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