Stanislav V. Bazhanov, Andrey Ar. Malakhov. The initiation of criminal cases and the performance of urgent investigative actions by the captains of sea and river vessels on a long navigation

UDK: 343.136

Stanislav V. Bazhanov - Doctor of Law, professor, academician of the Petrovsky Academy of Sciences and Arts, retired colonel of justice

Andrey Ar. Malakhov - associate professor of the department of criminal law disciplines, Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation (a branch in Vladimir), retired police colonel

Abstract. The current paper has presented the study of certain issues related to the legal status of the captains of sea and river vessels on long-distance voyages in the criminal process of the Russian Federation. The attention of the reading audience has been focused on their powers (as bodies of inquiry) associated with the initiation of criminal cases and the implementation of urgent investigative actions. There has been proved that the current version of Art. 40 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation is not correct and causes fundamental rejection. It is to be finalized as soon as possible by Russian parliamentarians in order to ensure effective public and personal security of personnel and passengers of sea and river transport in (long-distance) navigation.

Keywords: linear body (department) of internal affairs; criminal process; transport security; transport infrastructure; sea and river transport (ships).


  1. Bazhanov, S. V. Rol' lineynykh organov vnutrennikh del (politsii) v obespechenii bezopasnosti na ob"yektakh transportnoy infrastruktury Rossiyskoy Federatsii [The role of internal affairs bodies (police) in ensuring security at the objects of the transport infrastructure of the Russian Federation] / S. V. Bazhanov, A. A. Malakhov // Transportnoye pravo i bezopasnost'. ― 2022. ― № 4 (44). ― S. 78―84.

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