№28 (4rd quarter of 2018)

Issue №4(28) (4rd quarter of 2018)

#Theory and metodology of transport law

1 Security and the levels of hazards in transport
2 Some issues of systematization of transport legislation

#Criminal and legal aspects of transport security

3 Collection and accumulation of intelligence information concerning criminal activity of the organized criminal groups in railway transport
4 Legal means of the fight against piracy and terrorism in sea transport
5 Problems of operational-investigative activity of the customs authorities while transporting commodities by vehicles

#Enforcement of security in the operation of transport infrastructure facilities

6 On the domestic experience of the organizational and legal regulation of the system controlling road traffic safety and its optimization due to modern threats
7 An aircraft as an object of civil law: some problems of legal regulation

#Economics of transport

8 Improvement of the transport system through the development of mechanisms of government-private partnership
9 Creation of an integrated transport and logistics system as the basis of Russia's economic security and sustainable socio-economic development

#International Law in the field of transport security

10 International legal aspects of the Transport Strategy of the Russian Federation in the field of medical support for transport
11 Functioning features of the transport organizations under international sanctions and countermeasures of the Russian Federation

#Transport security in professional education

12 «Digital Railway» and project-based education at the Russian University of Transport

#History of transport law

13 Legal regulation of roads in Russia during the reign of Anna Ioannovna
14 The contract features of goods transportation according to Naval Charter of 1720 (the Charter of single-stickers)

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