Gutsulyak Vasiliy N. Legal means of the fight against piracy and terrorism in sea transport

UDK: 341.255.5

Gutsulyak Vasiliy N. - doctor of Law, professor, honorary worker of the Navy

Abstract. Sea transport is one of the most important "blood arteries" of the present world economy. According to a specialized agency of the United Nations "The International Maritime Organization" (IMO), shipping accounts for more than 80% of the world trade. In addition, millions of tourists today use sea cruise ships and ferries. According to the Lloyd data, a reputable insurance corporation, ships carry about 90% of merchandise. As Russia is traditionally one of the leading maritime powers, possessing the world's largest sea border (38,807 km), and its coasts are washed by 12 seas of three oceans and the internal Caspian Sea, sea transport is of vital importance. At the same time, sea transport activity correlates with the need to protect it from various external threats, among which maritime piracy and terrorism are of the greatest potential danger. Therefore, the article is devoted to the analysis of legal means used in the fight against piracy and terrorism in sea transport. The paper explains the essence of the definitions "maritime piracy" and "terrorism", substantiates the necessity to amend the Art. 227 of the Criminal Code about piracy. There have been also considered fundamental differences and common traits of piracy and terrorism. There have been analyzed the provisions of the Federal Law on March 6, 2006 No. 35-FZ "On Countering Terrorism" relating to sea transport.

Keywords: maritime piracy; terrorism; sea transport; security; International law.


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