Koryakin Viktor V. Some issues of systematization of transport legislation

UDK: 347.463

Koryakin Viktor V. - doctor of Law, professor, head of the department "Civil law, International private law and Civil procedure", Law Institute, Russian University of Transport (MIIT)

Abstract. The article deals with the problems of systematization of the transport legislation of the Russian Federation. The paper states plurality of legal acts regulating transport relations, makes a conclusion about negative impact of the plurality of acts on the legality, law and order in the transport sector, and substantiates the need to systematize the acts of transport legislation. There has been given an analysis of such two principal forms of systematization of the legislation as codification and incorporation. The author comes to the conclusion that at present the most rational way of systematization of transport legislation is incorporation by developing and introducing an electronic code of transport laws of the Russian Federation into the activities of transport organizations. It has been recommended to use the experience of other federal agencies of executive power, e.g. the Ministry of Defense of Russia which put into operation the information system "ArmYurist" on military legislation in 2017.

Keywords: systematization; codification; incorporation; transport law; transport legislation; code of laws.


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