Dukhno Nikolay A. Security and the levels of hazards in transport

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Dukhno Nikolay A. - doctor of Law, professor, Director of Law Institute, Russian University of Transport (MIIT), honorary worker of higher education of the Russian Federation

Abstract. The article considers the dependence of security on human activity, on his thinking and on the level of his legal education, which is the basis of the activity, the nature of which either gives rise to threats or provides security. The law with its values is required to be studied by everyone, as only legal knowledge can induce thinking to adopt legal laws which should prescribe duties of the subjects responsible for security. In order to positively evaluate the laws and introduce them into a legal order that guarantees safety, transport specialists need to possess legal knowledge. The author justifies the need to determine the levels of hazards, the elimination of which allows achieving safety in transport. People who are responsible for safety are obliged to protect safety where it exists and to eliminate hazards in the places where they exist. Security can be achieved only when danger is eliminated. There has been proposed a way to prepare new educational programs using the current specialty "Legal support of national security", in which there is a real opportunity to develop a number of specializations in training specialists with professional competencies in the legal support of transport security.

Keywords: security; transport security; levels of hazards; transport infrastructure; law; legal knowledge; legal culture; legal training, legal education.


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