№27 (3rd quarter of 2018)

Issue №3(27) (3rd quarter of 2018)

#Protection of rights and interests in transport security

1 About some problems of compensation to the airports of expenses on providing services in ensuring flights of the state aviation
2 The agreement on organization of cargo transportation
3 Influence of tariffs of the Russian railway on development of the railroads
4 Disputes in wagon repair economy as a special category of judicial and arbitration disputes

#Features of legal relations of subjects providing transport security

5 Transport associations: their place and role in the legal field

#Crimes against traffic safety and transport operation

6 To the question about the features criminal-legal regulation road safety and vehicle operation soldiers
7 Problems of application of forensic technology in the disclosure and investigation of crimes, including in objects of transport infrastructure

#Theory and methodology of transport security

8 Genesis of a legal institution depriving the right to drive a vehicle as a form of administrative punishment
9 Methodological potential of the categories «quantity» and «quality» in criminal law
10 Questions of criminal violation of traffic rules

#History of transport law

11 Development of waterways and shipping facilities in Russia in the era of «Palace coups»

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