Parshakov A. To the question about the features criminal-legal regulation road safety and vehicle operation soldiers

UDK: 343.2/.7.

Parshakov A. - candidate of legal sciences, senior lecturer of the department «Criminal law, criminal procedure and forensics» of the Law Institute Russian University of Transport, senior research fellow, research center (military-scientific information, military-legal problems) Military University of the Ministry of defence Honorary worker of the Prosecutor's office of the Russian Federation, the Colonel of justice of supply

Abstract. The article deals with the problematic issues of traffic safety and operation of military vehicles, especially the criminal law regulation of road safety and operation of transport by military personnel. The author refers to the Prosecutor-investigative and judicial practice, he investigates the most complex issues of differentiation and qualification of crimes of this type.

Keywords: regulation, traffic safety, traffic accident, improper driving or operating machinery.


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