Baskakova I., Samoylenko S., Dyurikenova E. The agreement on organization of cargo transportation

UDK: 347.463

Baskakova I. - candidate of legal sciences, docent of department of civil law and civil process of the Law Institute of Russian University of transport

Samoylenko S. - student of the Law Institute of Russian University of transport

Dyurikenova E. - student of the Law Institute of Russian University of transport

Abstract. Recently, contracts for the organization of transport of goods have become widespread. This is due to the adoption of various international transport codes and agreements, as well as the development of trade relations. Economic entities that systematically turn to the services of cargo carriers need long-term planning of this process. However, the legal nature of this agreement is not clear and is interpreted by scientists in different ways. In this article the features of the agreement on organization of cargo transportation is considered. The authors have analyzed the current Russian legislation in this sphere, the existing publications in order to precise the legal status of the agreement on organization of cargo transportation, determine its independence.

Keywords: contract; cargo transport agreement; organization of transportation; cargo.


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