Dmitrieva O., Gorobets A. Influence of tariffs of the Russian railway on development of the railroads

UDK: 338.47: 656.2

Dmitrieva O. - candidate of economic sciences, associate professor department «Customs law and organization customs affairs» of the Law Institute Russian University of Transport

Gorobets A. - student of the Law Institute Russian University of Transport

Abstract. Russian Railways are one of the largest rail networks in the world, and Railways in Russia are crucial and in some cases even the only mode of transport for passengers and cargo. Russian law, namely article 4 of the Federal law of 17 August 1995 № 147-FZ «On natural monopolies», defines the natural monopoly sectors of the economy in which tariffs should be regulated, and Railways are subject to this Law. In this article tariffs of JSC «Russian Railways» are analysed, classification of tariffs is presented, the retrospective analysis of tariffs is carried out, the interrelation of tariffs and costs for transportation by railway transport is revealed and also the analysis of revenues of JSC «Russian Railways» for 2 years is carried out.

Keywords: JSC «Russian Railways»; tariff; transportation; freight; Russian Railways.


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