Sudenko V. Methodological potential of the categories «quantity» and «quality» in criminal law

UDK: 343.353

Sudenko V. - candidate of legal sciences, associate professor of the department «Criminal law, criminal procedure and forensics» of the Law Institute Russian University of Transport

Abstract. The methodological potential of the dialectics categories «quantity» and «quality» in the domestic criminal law is considered, the criminal-legal significance of the study of these categories is determined. It is indicated as a set of properties, relationships and relationships, reveals what this phenomenon (event, object) is, what it is, why such a set is the quality of the phenomenon, object, event. It is shown how the set of properties, relationships and relations characterizing the magnitude of the phenomenon (event, object) and its size, is the number of phenomena, events, object, and how quantitative changes entail qualitative changes and Vice versa. The relations of the categories of dialectics with their properties and connections are analyzed, the stability of qualitative characteristics and absolute variability of quantitative characteristics are revealed. The nature of public danger as the quality of a particular phenomenon gives the researcher the opportunity to highlight the external form of criminal act on its inherent objective and subjective grounds, reflecting the importance, in this case, protected by criminal law, the legitimate interests of citizens and transport infrastructure, to which it was directed, and which harm was caused or created a real threat of harm. Quantitative indicators, according to the author, there is a degree of public danger of a crime, contributing to comparative analysis of crimes of one kind, and expresses its external definiteness, namely degree of development of a set of properties, connections, relations, characterizing the magnitude of the criminal phenomenon, the value of the object of encroachment, the size of the damage shape and form of guilt, motive, etc. Are examples of qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the traffic crimes and the conclusion of applicability of the categories of dialectics for their research.

Keywords: philosophy; categories of dialectics; criminal law; crime; quality; quantity; properties; connections; relations; qualitative changes; quantitative changes; criminal law science; transport crimes.


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