№3(47) (3rd quarter of 2023)

Issue №3(47) (3rd quarter of 2023)

#Administrative and legal regulation of transport relations

1 Using the capabilities of modern technologies in establishing the circumstances of a traffic accident
2 Contradictions between transport and fire safety: what choice to make?

#Criminal and legal measures of fight against transport crimes

3 Conclusion and testimony of an expert and specialist: similarities and differences
4 On the issue of qualification of crimes in modern conditions: military transport aspect

#Civil and legal aspects of transport law and security

5 Civil legal and administrative regulation of the use of the transport environment for disabled people

#Maritime Law

6 Legal problems of reducing the negative impact of grain dust on humans on maritime transport vessels
7 Legal status of maritime autonomous surface ships according to an autonomy degree
8 Legal prerequisites for recognition of sea towing by rescuing
9 International maritime labor law: legal nature and classification in the legal system

#Transport security in professional education

10 Scientific and methodological approaches to the development of a professional standard for a specialist in the field of railway transport security (part 1)

#Legal framework of national security

11 Organization of regional administration activities in the field of ensuring public safety

#Theory and methodology of transport law

12 Parts of the transport security zone: conceptual problems

Journal Transport law and security, Issue 47

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