Vareriya V. Andrianova, Ekaterina Iv. Kobzeva, Ekaterina V. Ushakova. Civil legal and administrative regulation of the use of the transport environment for disabled people

UDK: 347.44

Vareriya V. Andrianova - Candidate of Law, associate professor, Moscow State University of Humanities and Economics

Ekaterina Iv. Kobzeva - Candidate of Law, associate professor, Russian University of Transport (RUT MIIT)

Ekaterina V. Ushakova - Candidate of Law, associate professor, Russian Customs Academy, Vice-President of the Moscow Bar Association “Victoriya”

Abstract. The current paper has substantiated the importance of providing an accessible environment for disabled people and people with limited mobility. The current paper has presented the results of an analysis of the compliance of the parameters of transport infrastructure objects with the recommended values according to the accessibility criterion. There has been considered the order, procedure, and conditions for ensuring accessibility of transport infrastructure facilities and services provided for disabled people, as well as providing them with the necessary assistance. There has been given a justification for how federal government bodies, government bodies of constituent entities of the Russian Federation and local governments, as well as organizations, regardless of their organizational and legal forms, provide disabled people including people who use wheelchairs and guide dogs, with such conditions as unobstructed access to transport infrastructure facilities and services provided, unlimited use of railway, road and city ground electric transport in urban, suburban, intercity traffic, the ability to independently move around the territory where transport infrastructure facilities are located, entering and exiting such facilities, boarding into and out of a vehicle, including using a wheelchair, accompanying disabled people with persistent visual impairments and independent movement disorders and providing them with assistance at transport infrastructure facilities. There has been given an analysis of the norms on administrative liability (Article 9.13 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation) for failure to comply with the requirements to ensure accessibility for disabled people in buildings, structures, and the adjacent territory.

Keywords: accessible environment; disabled people; transport infrastructure; driving; social protection of disabled people.


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