Andrey V. Velichko. Legal problems of reducing the negative impact of grain dust on humans on maritime transport vessels

UDK: 656.61

Andrey V. Velichko - Far Eastern maritime agency “Fescontract International”

Abstract. According to the data presented for 2022, the share of sea transport of grain cargo is about 11% of the total number of goods transported by sea (data from the UN Statistics Division, United Nations Statistics Division). In accordance with the International Safety Management Code, shipowners are obliged to ensure the safety of life and health of ship crews. The International Maritime Organization has developed international guidelines and requirements for the transport of bulk cargo around the world. Based on data on the nature of chronic diseases of sailors associated with the negative impact of grain dust on their health, there has been concluded that shipowners and port services often neglect the threat posed by grain cargo to the life and health of sailors, which in turn aggravates the current condition the question under study.

Keywords: grain cargo; enforcement of security; protection of human life; environmental safety; environment.


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