Vladimir V. Khomik. Contradictions between transport and fire safety: what choice to make?

UDK: 656.2.08; 614.842

Vladimir V. Khomik - JSC Fishing collective farm “Vostok-1” (Vladivostok)

Abstract. Transport security is the state of protection of transport infrastructure facilities and vehicles from acts of illegal interference. Threats of committing acts of illegal interference require transport infrastructure entities to unquestioningly comply with requirements to enforce transport security. Compliance with transport safety requirements is monitored by supervisory authorities represented by the transport prosecutor’s office and Rostransnadzor. But what should a shipowner do if compliance with transport safety legislation entails a violation of fire safety rules? Is it necessary to install an access control system to critical elements of the ship, understanding that if there is a fire, people may die on it, and failure to comply with transport safety requirements will result in criminal penalties? The current paper has considered the contradictions in transport and fire safety requirements regarding the installation of access control systems to critical elements on ships. There have been studied existing regulatory documents and have been formulated proposals to resolve the identified contradictions in the legislation.

Keywords: transport security; fire safety; regulatory guillotine; access control system; contradictions in legislation; Russian maritime register of shipping.


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