Viktor Al. Dubovitsky, Nikolay S. Okorokov, Evgeny R. Yapparov. Concept of cognitive modules to justify possible application of general artificial intelligence in the transport industry

UDK: 004.81

Viktor Al. Dubovitsky - Russian University of Transport

Nikolay S. Okorokov - Russian University of Transport

Evgeny R. Yapparov - Candidate of Technical Sciences, Russian University of Transport

Abstract. Currently, the largest IT companies in the world are actively developing elements of a new generation of artificial intelligence. Such systems are theoretically capable to perform the main types of mental and cognitive activities inherent in humans. All these developments are gradually becoming an integral part of the coming changes in the field of intelligent computing. The transport industry also cannot stay away from these global trends, that makes to realize the necessity for further development and production of both individual elements of artificial intelligence, and universal intelligent systems. The current paper has considered the limitations of existing artificial intelligence systems and substantiated the necessity to develop a general artificial intelligence system based on a model of cognitive modules that use both “traditional” algorithms and machine learning algorithms in their structure.

Keywords: artificial intelligence; neural network; cognitive modules; thinking; intellectual activity.


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