Lyudmila M. Maleshina, Anna V. Khorosheva. Introduction of intelligent transport technologies as a method to improve transport safety

UDK: 627.7/.8:656.08

Lyudmila M. Maleshina - Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor, Russian University of Transport

Anna V. Khorosheva - Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Vladimir Law Institute of the FPS of Russia

Abstract. The current paper has presented the study results to determine the safety level on Russian roads, as well as the residents’ confidence in innovative transport technologies. In the work there have been set the tasks to determine the level of injuries as a result of road traffic accidents and the main causes of their occurrence; features of Russian citizens’ attitude to intelligent transport technologies that can reduce the role of the human factor, and the effect of mistakes made by drivers. Statistical analysis was based on open data from the state bodies of the Russian Federation. There has been determined that despite the decreased absolute number of incidents, the severity of their consequences remains at a high level. There has been identified the main reason of traffic accidents, such as non-compliance with the traffic rules by drivers. The author has concluded that the introduction of intelligent technologies in transport, such as unmanned vehicles, is necessary to significantly reduce accident rate and traffic injuries. But the safe and efficient use of unmanned vehicles is only possible with high consumers’ confidence in technological innovations. The paper has focused on the fact that with the active introduction of digital technologies, their use is impossible without the preparation of an appropriate regulatory framework.

Keywords: accident rate; traffic injuries; traffic accidents; intelligent transport technologies; artificial intelligence.


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