Valery L. Popov. Examination of transport documents: concerns and solutions

UDK: 343.148.63

Valery L. Popov - Russian University of Transport

Abstract. The current development of transport can’t exist without its documentation support. In cases of their non-compliance with the established requirements, the transported cargo and goods can be confiscated, detained, or even simply lost. In addition, a transport document is not only logistics, but it is a wide range of all activities of the transport industry. Therefore, the document in the transport infrastructure is one of the important components of ensuring guaranteed and safe operation of transport. It often becomes not only an object, but also an instrument of a crime, which is confirmed by statistics for 2020. Therefore, one of the issues of ensuring guaranteed and safe operation of transport is a use of measures aimed at detecting and preventing forgery of transport documents. Even though most of the documents are being converted into e-format, which undoubtedly contributes to the solution of this problem, it will not be possible to eliminate the use of hard copies of documents soon. This concern can be solved only with the involvement of handwriting specialists being experienced in technical examination of documents. At the same time, the forgery of transport documents is mainly associated with the technical forgery of a signature, where there are several unresolved issues that nullify the process of handwriting expertise. In the current paper there have been proposed some ways to solve this concern.

Keywords: expertise; documents; requisites; signature; transport; methodology; handwriting; forgery; expose to light; plotter.


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