Pavel B. Afanasiev, Georgy F. Koimshidi. Current state and tendencies of transport crime development

UDK: 343.988

Pavel B. Afanasiev - Candidate of Law, Russian University of Transport

Georgy F. Koimshidi - Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor, NRI of the Ministry of Interior of the Russian

Abstract. The current paper has substantiated the allocation of transport crimes as one of the independent types of crime in Russia, the study of which is not only of theoretical, but also of practical interest. In order to understand the main tendencies of transport crime development, the authors have studied official statistics for the period from 2017 to 2021. Based on the study of statistical data, there has been noted a wavy dynamic in transport crime development and periods of its growth and decrease, indicating average value of the number of registered crimes. There has been also shown the dynamics of the number of persons identified for committing transport crimes, which in 2021 does not correspond to the all-Russian one and is characterized by a slight increase after a four-year decrease. Based on data characterizing the territorial distribution of transport criminality there have been identified the North Caucasian Federal District and the Central Federal District as the region with the highest rates of crime growth. In addition, the current paper has presented the study results of the structure of transport criminality in terms of severity and a crime severity index, calculated based on the average maximum possible term of sentence for a crime. Due to the analysis of the data, there has been drawn a conclusion that there were negative changes in the qualitative characteristics of transport criminality.

Keywords: transport crime; criminality; crime tendencies; structure of crime; crime severity index.


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