Olga R. Afanasieva. State and tendencies of development of some types of transport crimes

UDK: 343.3/.7

Olga R. Afanasieva - Doctor of Law, associate professor, Russian University of Transport

Abstract. In order to develop a scientifically based system for transport crime prevention, it is necessary to conduct research on certain types of crime at transport facilities and transport infrastructure. In this regard, it seems important, relevant, and timely to conduct a study on the stated issues, since in modern conditions transport acquires even greater strategic importance and is considered as one of the life-supporting sectors of the country's economy. Various types of crimes are committed at transport and transport infrastructure facilities, both ordinary, environmental, related to drug and weapon trafficking, and related to commercial fraud and corruption. Based on official statistics, the current paper has presented the structure of transport criminality in 2021, given a general description of the tendencies in the development of commercial fraud and corruption, as well as those related to drug trafficking both in Russia and in its federal districts. For each type of transport crime, there has been estimated its territorial spread by identifying the federal districts in which there was a significant increase or decrease in the analyzed types of crimes. In the paper, there has been focused on the dynamics of the development of bribery in transport, including certain types of its components, as well as crimes qualified under Art. 228 and 228.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, prevailing in the structure of crimes in the field of drug trafficking in transport. There have been drawn conclusions indicating that in order to form an effective criminal policy in the field of combating transport criminality, it is necessary to continue conducting additional study to monitor the state of transport crimes and the criminogenic factors that determine it.

Keywords: transport crime/criminality; corruption; drug trafficking; commercial fraud; corruption-related crimes.


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