Sergey Al. Semenov. Transport security and transport legal relations

UDK: 342.951:351.82

Sergey Al. Semenov - FBE Russian Maritime Security Service

Abstract. Public relations in the field of transport security are considered by scientists as part of transport relations. At the same time, the studied research works on this issue do not pay much attention to the argumentation of this point of view. The current paper has considered the main features that make it possible to attribute public relations in the field of transport security both to transport legal relations and to transport administrative-legal relations. For example, according to the author, such characteristics are the emergence of social relations related to transport security enforcement and their heterogeneity. Public relations of an administrative-legal nature related to transport security enforcement have the same traits as transport administrative-legal relations. The field of transport security enforcement is also characterized using the dispositive method, which is used together with the imperative method. International treaties of the Russian Federation also act as a source of law in the field of transport security enforcement.

Keywords: transport security; transport relations.


  1. Transportnoye pravo. Obshchaya chast' : uchebnik [Transport law. General part: textbook] / otvetstvennyye redaktory N. A. Dukhno, A. I. Zemlin. ― Moskva : Yuridicheskiy institut MIITa, 2017.

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