Sergey F. Mazur, Elena V. Karpycheva. Improvement of civil law norms aimed at ensuring sustainable development of the Russian economy in modern conditions (on the example of transport industry)

UDK: 651.011.42

Sergey F. Mazur - Doctor of Law, professor, professor of the department of civil law disciplines of the Institute of International Law and Justice of the Moscow State Linguistic University, main researcher of the Research Center of the the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

Elena V. Karpycheva - Candidate of Historical Sciences, docent, associate professor of the department ‘Informational technologies in jurisprudence and management documentation’ of the Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport

Abstract. The current paper has presented the issues of improving civil law, aimed at ensuring sustainable development of the Russian economy in modern conditions. There has been conducted the analysis of the amendments made to a number of legislative acts governing and regulating the functioning of the transport industry of the Russian Federation. There has been determined significance of the Federal Law of June 8, 2020 No. 168-FZ “On the Unified Federal Information Register containing information about the population of the Russian Federation” for the transport industry.

Keywords: civil law; transport industry in Russia; unified federal information register; digital citizen profile; coronavirus infection; artificial intelligence: digitalization of the economy.


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