Elena V. Protas, Dmitry P. Skrypnichenko. Features of the carrier’s liability under the contract of maritime cargo shipment

UDK: 347.763

Elena V. Protas - Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Candidate of Law, professor, professor of the department “Civil law, international private law and civil procedure” of the Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport

Dmitry P. Skrypnichenko - student of the Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport

Abstract. The current paper has considered the contract of maritime cargo shipment, as well as issues of legal regulation of the sea carrier’s liability. Among the civil contracts concluded in the field of transport, it is the contract of cargo shipment that is one of the leading. The problem of the carrier’s liability under the contract of maritime cargo shipment is inappropriately one of the most relevant in maritime law, since these disputes, firstly, are very common in judicial practice, and secondly, they penetrate into the sphere of interests of each counterparty. In the scientific literature, opinions differ regarding the carrier’s fault. The paper has touched upon the features of regulating the sea carrier’s liability in case of terms’ violation, cargo damage, loss or shortage, navigation error. The situation of cargo delivery terms’ violation is still one of the most urgent in the Russian maritime law. The authors of the paper have made suggestions on determining a measurement unit for the cargo delivery delay and on the penalties for these actions. It’s necessary to choose a way to unify the rules for maritime cargo shipment, ratify a single international treaty, expand the limit of compulsory carrier’s liability and their further development and reflection in national legislation in order to prevent the fragmentation of maritime practice.

Keywords: contract of maritime cargo shipment; cargo; carrier; carrier’s fault; liability; cargo delivery term; maritime law; navigation error.


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