Ivan V. Kholikov. Project activity of students as a means of scientific support for the issues of the current legal support of transport security

UDK: 378.33:656

Ivan V. Kholikov - Doctor of Law, professor, professor of the department of state-juridical disciplines of the Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law under the Government of the Russian Federation, deputy head of the direction ‘Transport security’ of the Scientific-Advisory Section of the Center for Security Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Abstract. The current paper has provided an overview of the results of scientific activity through the execution of research projects of graduate students and students and their discussion in the process of competitive selection to improve knowledge on the problems of legal regulation of transport security in the context of increasing risks and threats of a global nature, the formation of students' competencies necessary for subsequent project activity. The author of the current paper, as an expert, has carried out a critical analysis of the research works of students who won prizes based on the results of summing up the results of the competition of student scientific projects “Problems of legal support for the implementation of industry transport policy and enforcing transport security in the face of modern challenges and threats”, held within the framework of the II International Congress “Transport security and law: XXI century” (April 21, 2021). Since the objectives of the competition were to identify and support talented and creatively active students and graduate students, to stimulate them to research and master educational programs of higher education, the system-legal analysis of the results of works performed by students can contribute to solving the problem of identifying contradictions and gaps in legislation that have significant theoretical and practical importance for enforcing transport security, substantiating proposals on the need to improve the regulatory legal framework for transport security, as well as optimizing scientific activities on these issues. The proposals formulated by the participants can also contribute to improving the system of scientific support for the problems of legal regulation of transport safety and security, based on unified methodological approaches to the development of a conceptual and categorical apparatus. Due to the fact that the solutions proposed in the works of students have a significant degree of relevance for the further development of transport and legal science in this area, their implementation is important for improving the system of scientific and educational work of students.

Keywords: transport safety/security; legal regulation; transport legislation; scientific support; project activity; educational activities.


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