Olga V. Novikova. Prevention of air transport offenses

UDK: 343.346.53.02

Olga V. Novikova - Prevention of air transport offenses

Abstract. Inappropriate behavior of passengers on board has become a large-scale problem recently, that resulted in introducing changes not only in the norms of Russian air law, but also in the norms of criminal law. The current paper has considered proposals for the suppression of “air rage”, analyzed measures to prevent such cases in Russia, and also discussed tougher punishment for such passengers. Then, there have been considered the problems of inappropriate behavior of passengers on board. The rules of conduct in air transport are not complicated, but their incompliance results in negative consequences. Violation of the rules of conduct on board is a serious offense, since the crew does not have the opportunity to drop off a rowdy (as can be done on a train or bus). Air rage passengers are the passengers who do not obey the orders of the aircraft commander, create a threat to the safety of other passengers and the aircraft, and commit ruffian actions. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully study the rules of conduct on the plane and strictly adhere to them. As a rule, criminal punishment for air rage in Russia is mostly regarded as an administrative offense. In this regard, the current paper has proposed tougher measures of responsibility for air rage, as well as additional measures aimed at preventing cases of air rage.

Keywords: aircraft; airline; international flight; air rage; air rage passenger; flight safety; escort of flights.


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