Mariya S. Shuvaeva. The issues of preliminary investigation of crashes and accidents on railway transport

UDK: 343.132:628.5:656.2(075.8)

Mariya S. Shuvaeva - Candidate of Law, senior lecturer of the department of criminalistics of the Moscow University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation named after V.Y. Kikot

Abstract. Crashes and accidents occurring on railway transport are usually very public crimes. They instantly become public, actively discussed in the media. Therefore, they refer to the events that require urgent intervention not only by law enforcement agencies, but also by government authorities in order to find out the reasons, identify and punish responsible people and take measures to prevent such incidents in the future. The current paper has considered the concerns of investigation of crashes and accidents on railway transport at the initial stage of their investigation.

Keywords: crashes and accidents; safety measures; railway transport; trains; preliminary investigation bodies; investigator; tasks of the preliminary investigation bodies; preventive measures; crime prevention.


  1. Dolitskiy, Ye. A. Rassledovaniye krusheniy i avariy na zheleznodorozhnom transporte [Investigation of crashes and accidents on railway transport]. ― Moskva, 2009.

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