Mikhail V. Klenov. Training of qualified transport security specialists in the context youth policy

UDK: 378.018.43:656

Mikhail V. Klenov - Candidate of Medicine, vice-rector of the Russian University of Transport (MIIT)

Abstract. The current paper deals with the main provisions contained in the report at the International Congress “Transport Law and Transport Security: XXI Century”, held on March 25, 2020 at the Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport (MIIT) as a part of ‘Week of Science-2020’ to discuss the urgent problems of legal support of transport security in the face of nowadays challenges, analysis of the experience of enforcing transport security by legal means, refinement of approaches to determining the most promising areas of research in transport law in relation to the problem of security. The current paper has analyzed the importance of the formation of professional competencies in the field of transport security among students of the Russian University of Transport as a factor which ensures self-determination and career growth of young transport specialists, and considers the role of training as a career prospects for young transport specialists. Based on the analysis of the current situation and development directions of the Russian University of Transport as a basic educational institution of that direction, a general transport scientific, educational and methodological center, there have been formulated some suggestions how to improve the youth policy areas, to ensure the relationship of organizational and legal incentives for self-development of the student’s personality and the young specialist, to form mechanisms of professional competencies of a transport worker. That has been suggested in the interests of ensuring the security of the Russian transport system in accordance with the priorities, goals and objectives of the Transport Strategy of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2030 in the current stage of development of the digital economy and transport of Russia.

Keywords: development of the transport system of Russia; personnel/staff training; youth policy; career; young transport specialists.


  1. Pashkov, K. A. Gorizonty novykh kompetentsiy [Gorizonty novykh kompetentsiy]// Transport Rossii. — 2019. — № 3.

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