Nikolay Al. Dukhno. Artificial intelligence technologies in transport education

UDK: 004.8:378:656

Nikolay Al. Dukhno - Doctor of Law, professor, Director of the Law Institute of the Russian University of Transport, honorary worker of higher education of the Russian Federation

Abstract. The current paper has considered the new needs of the development of transport education based on the introduction of artificial intelligence in the process of transport specialists training. The nowadays capabilities of artificial intelligence technologies require a significant change in the methods of specialists’ training, subordinating them to the formation of transport competencies of a new generation. Adopted at the end of 2019, the National Strategy for the Development of Artificial Intelligence for the period until 2030 creates a guiding basis to develop and implement artificial intelligence in the field of transport education. The strategy predetermines the development of an artificial intelligence law and the creation of a legal framework sufficient to regulate relations in the field of the use of artificial intelligence in the educational process. Legal support will contribute to the creation of fruitful conditions for the full implementation of artificial intelligence in training. Transport education, transformed with the help of artificial intelligence technologies, will accompany the transport industry, providing it with the best specialists who are able to fully solve the tasks set by the Transport Strategy of the Russian Federation.

Keywords: artificial intelligence; transport education; the capabilities of artificial intelligence in education; artificial intelligence law; legal support for the use of artificial intelligence; the introduction of artificial intelligence in the educational process.


  1. Fedorova, A. S. Aktual'nost' vnedreniya i primeneniya iskusstvennogo intellekta v sfere obrazovaniya v sovremennom mire [The relevance of the introduction and application of artificial intelligence in the field of education in the modern world] / A. S. Fedorova, V. V Dul'nov // Moya professional'naya kar'yera. — 2019. — № 3 (135). — S. 80—88.

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